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About KW Solar Solutions

KW Solar Solutions is a full time renewable energy company providing high quality Solar Photovoltaic (electric) installations to both Residential and Commercial customers. We are a mid-atlantic company, locally owned and operated. Our mission is to provide top quality sales, design, installation, customer service and follow-up for our customers.

Why Solar - Why Now?

Save money on the escalating cost of energy for your home or business. Solar is a great investment - let us show you the details...

  • Take advantage of great state incentives in DE, MD and PA. Call us for Details 1-877-42-SOLAR!
  • Enjoy the Federal Tax credit of 30% of your cost for a solar system with no cap for both residential and commercial installations.
  • Earn income from the sale of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).
  • Improve the environment by helping to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other EPA pollutants caused by fossil fuel generated energy.

What We Provide

  • KW Solar Solutions will do a site assessment and provide you with a detailed proposal, including financial and environmental workbooks, with no cost or obligation to you.
  • KW Solar Solutions provides professional design, installation and maintenance of Solar PV for both residential and commercial applications
  • Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will assist you in the planning and custom design phase of your specific project needs
  • KW Solar Solutions will do all the paperwork for the Green Energy Grant application
  • Our in-house team will assist you with the financing of your project
  • Our professional crews will implement the design and install your system in the most cost effective and timely manner possible.
  • We invite you to visit some of our installations to observe our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • We will maintain contact with you after installation and assist in your certification as a Renewable Energy Generator and the sale of your Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).
  • KW Solar Solutions will do registration, accounting and sales of your RECs and send you a check when the sale is complete.

Contact us today for a Free, No Obligation, Solar Site Assessment and Proposal.

KW Solar Solutions | 100 East Scotland Drive | Suite 105 | Bear, DE 19701